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Ive been using for a few months now and am quite happy with it,its reasonably fast on my PC,with a decent set up.Glad to know there is a v2160 like it.

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O.K. Corral (also O.K. Corral and Corral O.K. Corral) is a 1945 American Western film directed by George Sherman and written by Leon Gordon. The film stars Tim Holt, Frances Robinson, Lloyd Nolan, Roy Barcroft, Reed Howes and Victor Heerman. The film was released on June 28, 1945, by Monogram Pictures.


Tim Holt as Steve Grayson
Frances Robinson as Jo Ann Templeton
Lloyd Nolan as Ace Speller
Roy Barcroft as Fender
Reed Howes as Mitch Storm
Victor Heerman as Ken
George Chesebro as Joe Slade
George Chesebro Jr. as Dave
Lee Roberts as Charlie


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