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The Centre Square, also known as The Centre, is a square in the city of Birmingham, England. It is located on the east side of Ladywood, immediately northwest of the city centre and immediately south of the 20th century St Chad’s Anglican Cathedral.

The square is open and free for all to use on Sunday and Monday. The square is at the centre of Birmingham’s entertainment and nightlife district, with the whole of The Custard Factory and its surrounding bars located within the square. On the west side of the square, there are St Martin’s Courtyard and the former Five Towns shopping area. On the east side of the square there are larger independent stores and restaurants, including Press restaurant and Chippendales.

The site of the present Square was originally public land, first granted to the Corporation of Birmingham in the fifteenth century. With the arrival of the railway from London in the 1840s the district was developed and the present surrounding streets and districts were created.

The square was originally very fashionable, with many of the townhouses in the district incorporating a “ballroom” to the rear and the name “Balmoral Gardens” is based on a property of this type. The London and North Western Railway built the first railway stations in the district in 1842 and subsequently established many other railway companies including the Midland Railway. The Birmingham and Midland Joint Railway built St Chad’s, the largest Anglican cathedral in the country, in 1875.

To the west of the Square is the area now known as The Custard Factory and to the east is the A456 road and the St Martin’s area, formerly known as Five Towns.

The shopping centre and the theatre,


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