AWinstall  Crack [Win/Mac]

AWinstall Crack [Win/Mac]

Creating professional setup package for redistributing your software may be a tough nut to crack. Bored with bloated setups and fatty installers? Don’t want to waste time learning cryptic setup scripts?
AWinstall is a professional installation development system (setup maker) for creating small setups. With AWinstall you can create compact and intelligent setups for delivering your software on removable media or via Internet. AWinstall is a small application that creates small setup packages for redistributing your software.
It combines the minimal installer footprint (just about 30 KBytes!) with robust and user-friendly development environment. You can build setups with multi-language support (13 languages are supported for installer engine at this moment).
Modern user interface, help system and wizards will allow you to create professional setups in minutes.









AWinstall Crack + License Key Free (2022)

1. AWinstall is a simple installer creation system. You can create single compressed package (add files to it), setup packages (install application and files from one compressed package to another), multi-language (localization) packages, cross-platform (redistributing on removable media like CD or DVD) packages.
2. AWinstall is based on commercial technology from Last Software. Setup packages (called installers) are created in Advanced Installer that later are exported and used as setups by the AWinstall. Also: AWinstall can be used as a deployment server for Web sites and others.
3. AWinstall supports embedded installation.

Getting ready to launch a major software release? Have you just released a major update to your software? Or, perhaps, you’ve made some serious code changes that you want to distribute to a wider audience. Regardless of the reasons for the changes, you may need to do a test-by-test distribution of your updated software to a small number of people. Maybe you have a short amount of time before it’s too late.
You need a reliable, powerful, and easy-to-use software distribution system. You need something that is scalable, that you can use on your own computers, and that other people can download and use without problems. You need a distribution system.
Ubuntu Software is a free, open-source, and easy-to-use software distribution system. Ubuntu Software’s goal is to provide you with a simple, reliable method of installing and updating your Ubuntu computers. Ubuntu Software is a versatile front end to the ubuntu-build tool.
Ubuntu Software is both an alternative to and complement to Ubuntu’s existing package management tools. Using Ubuntu Software, you can install or update your entire Ubuntu system from a single command line, in a graphical interface, or even remotely. What’s more, Ubuntu Software provides a means for installing and updating any software you wish to install or update.
Download Ubuntu Software
Ubuntu Software is available for most versions of Ubuntu from version 6.06 to version 12.04. Ubuntu Software supports Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Netbook, and Ubuntu Server. Most other flavors are supported but have not yet been tested.
Ubuntu Software is distributed as a binary package and requires you to download a roughly 9 MB.deb file (using the Ubuntu Software front end requires 1 MB or less).
New features and changes have been added since Ubuntu 13.10. Some of these new features include:
1. ubuntu software center

AWinstall [2022]

1. AWinstall is an set-up development environment for creating small set-ups for distribution, delivering your software on removable media or via Internet.
2. AWinstall works like any other setup maker – it is easy to use: only select the required packages, set the installation options and click on build.
3. AWinstall uses an advanced installer engine, allowing you to set installation options for your particular setup. The installation engine is extremely simple to use and can be extended with user-defined options.
4. AWinstall supports all languages and locales of Microsoft Windows operating system.
5. AWinstall is cross-platform; you can create setups for any type of PC and any type of operating system.
6. You can even install an application into a user account of another PC with multi-user support.
7. Set-ups created with AWinstall are much smaller than set-ups created by other systems.
8. AWinstall comes with a set of comprehensive tools for creating consistent, professional-looking set-ups:
– Setup editor: editing user interfaces for any buttons and dialogs.
– Setup wizard: creating easily usable user interfaces for your software.
– Setup automation: creating setup setups quickly.
9. The AWinstall distribution engine is also available as an add-on for MS Visual Studio IDE. All features mentioned above are also supported.
10. AWinstall is small and lightweight (just about 30 KBytes), so you can install it on removable media, on any computer or on any server.
11. The AWinstall projects can be opened with all popular IDE: Delphi, C#, Visual Basic, C/C++ and HTML5;
12. The AWinstall editor is cross-platform.
13. You can build set-ups for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.
14. You can even build set-ups for any type of Microsoft Windows operating system.
15. AWinstall has offline mode for easy distribution and installation of your software.
16. AWinstall comes with a set of wizards that you can use to automatically configure set-ups for your software.
17. You can specify the software installation location in set-ups created with AWinstall.
18. You can specify the full path to the software as the software installation location in set-ups created with AWinstall.
19. You can also specify the software installation location relative to the file system root with the AWinstall editor.

AWinstall Free

What’s new in this release?

Version 0.5.0 fixes a couple of minor bugs, like adding UuidResolver, RemovableMediaPathResolver and Tiny Configuration File help to settings.xml. I also added support for PNG as an image extension to GZIPped setups.

Version 0.4.1:


– New Input Preferences list that gives user the ability to choose the input he is looking for.
– Improved support for Windows, CD-ROM and DVD drives, thanks to Andrew Shih, Sean O’Hagan, Radoslav Mihalcea, Ken Puls, Robert Gaskill and Andrei.

– Improved help system, see a banner help window when you select “Help->Documentation of
AWinstall” menu.

– Help system now gives more additional hints, about awinstall and embedded setups.

– Added a “Tools->Compression” submenu to provide an easy way to compress, gzip and deflate setups.

– New “Sizes” window to facilitate the user to choose a suitable package for distributing your product.

– AWinstall now uses a compressed XML file to store settings and installed packages.

– Settings.xml now uses an XML file (ini file), next time I’ll change this file for OXT files.

Version 0.4:

What’s new in this release?

Version 0.4.1, fixed a minor bug with two images in the installer.

Version 0.4:

What’s new in this release?

Version 0.3:


Version 0.3.1 fixes a number of small bugs, so now I release version 0.3.1.

When you run a setup with AWinstall 0.3, you will now see a window with information about AWinstall.

What’s new in this release?

Version 0.2.1 fixes a bug that prevented the creation of a GZIPPED setup.

Version 0.2:

What’s new in this release?

Version 0.1:

What’s new in this release?

Version 0.1.4:

What’s new in this release?

– See a new, simple and efficient help in AWinstall.

– Settings.xml is now using a INI file instead of

What’s New In AWinstall?

This is AWinstall in a nutshell
Total setup packages length:
From 17 KB – 34 KB
Structure included:
1) Setup files
2) Settings for the supported languages (french, english and german, if you want to use the german version of AWinstall)
3) Documentation
What you will get with this download:
– a complete package of AWinstall (one executable file with installer and uninstaller)
– trial version of AWinstall and demos for three supported languages (english, french and german)
– “Tutorial” article with links to online documentation or help/support from the author


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