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AutoCAD 2017 21.0 Crack Free [Mac/Win]







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AutoCAD LT is an AutoCAD implementation designed for use on personal computers. It has been offered as a stand-alone app and as part of the AutoCAD subscription software.

This page lists the known version numbers of the AutoCAD LT software, as well as for the later versions of the main product (AutoCAD).

These listings also include the version number for both the AutoCAD LT and Autodesk Revit products.

AutoCAD LT is now discontinued and no longer supported by Autodesk.

If you want to check the features of the software, the user manual for AutoCAD LT is here.

If you are having problems with the software, you can post a support question to the Autodesk online technical support forum, or you can click here to post an actual technical problem report to Autodesk.

Autodesk AutoCAD LT Version 2.02

Released February 1998.

Standalone app.

Requires operating system: Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista.

Requires 16MB memory.

Requires graphics card with 32MB VRAM.

AutoCAD LT 2.02 includes the following improvements:

User interface improvements and bug fixes.

Updated to VBA Version 6.0.

Updated to AutoCAD Release 6.0.

Update to the latest color picker.

AutoCAD LT Version 2.01

Released October 1997.

Standalone app.

Requires operating system: Windows 95/98/Me/2000.

Requires 16MB memory.

Requires graphics card with 32MB VRAM.

AutoCAD LT 2.01 includes the following improvements:

User interface improvements and bug fixes.

Updated to VBA Version 5.5.

Updated to AutoCAD Release 6.0.

Updated to the latest color picker.

AutoCAD LT 2.0

Released June 1997.

Standalone app.

Requires operating system: Windows 95/98.

Requires 16MB memory.

Requires graphics card with 32MB VRAM.

AutoCAD LT 2.0 includes the following improvements:

Windows 95 users can use Windows 95/98 and extended desktop modes.

User interface improvements.


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Inter-application communication is provided through Dynamic Link Library (DLL) and Common Data Representation (CDR) based on the Open Data Exchange Library (ODX) standard.

C++ code can be executed in the on-line direct editor, and through the command line interface or batch file (Batchfile).

File format
The design of AutoCAD Crack Free Download is modular and extensible, supporting user-defined file formats. AutoCAD Cracked Version has a native file format called DWG that uses a hierarchic data model (all levels have the same units, meters, and are described in a compatible manner, so that you can create a drawing in one program and have it displayed in another program without having to convert units), which is the most common format. A simple DWG file consists of drawing objects, text, and vectors, together with the definitions of the visual effects applied to the objects, and of the text characters used for that object. Also, it is possible to use charts, tables, and images for editing the data. DWG files can be grouped into documents, which have different properties and levels of detail (zooming in and out, displaying/hiding or deleting/copying drawings), and documents can be nested. The DWG file format was developed by Autodesk and is the basis for the EPS and PDF file formats, and the.dwg project file format used by SketchUp and Visio. A DWG file has the extension.dwg, for example, drawings.dwg.

User interface

AutoCAD’s command window, also known as the “command bar”, is the main interface, and consists of a set of menus, toolbars, dialogs and a ribbon. The command window is visible on the top, bottom, left and right sides of the screen. The left side of the screen can be used to display any of a number of windows: 3D views, list boxes, property panels, graphical editor windows, image map windows, a line drawing box, and more. The right side of the screen can be used to display the drawing canvas or any of the 3D views. The top and bottom sides of the screen are used to display dialogs, sometimes as an option during the creation of a drawing. The command bar is modified by selecting commands from the toolbar or from the menu bar. The keyboard commands, which are in the form of hot keys, are mapped to specific menu items. The keyboard shortcuts can also be customized by

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List of modules

* Import – `import ` – imports selected parts from the source part.
* Export – `export ` – exports a selected part to the current part.
* Draw – `draw` – generates lines from the given point to a given line.
* Text – `text ` – adds a text to the current part.
* Zoom – `zoom` – zoom to a specific section of the current part.
* Pan – `pan` – pans the current part to a specific section.
* Snap – `snap` – snaps the current part to a specific section.
* Rotate – `rotate` – rotates the current part.
* Clear – `clear` – clears the current part.
* Extract – `extract ` – allows to extract all parts from a model.
* Create – `create ` – adds a set of parts to the current part.
* Add-Hatch – `add-hatch` – adds a hatch to the current part.
* Add-Fluid – `add-fluid` – adds a fluid to the current part.
* Add-Mesh – `add-mesh` – adds a mesh to the current part.
* Add-Part – `add ` – adds a new part to the current part.
* Get-Hatch – `get-hatch` – gets a hatch by name from the current part.
* Get-Fluid – `get-fluid` – gets a fluid by name from the current part.
* Get-Mesh – `get-mesh` – gets a mesh by name from the current part.
* Get-Part – `get ` – gets a part by name from the current part.
* Remove-Part – `remove ` – removes a part from the current part.
* Rename – `rename ` – renames a part.
* Edit-Part – `edit-part` – edit the part name and other properties.
* Edit-Group –

What’s New in the?

Save time and money: Change a single letter in a text block. Export the text block to several formats, including.PDF,.RTF, and as part of a.DOCX file.

Freehand sketching on screen: Draw, with sketching tools and type tools. The new text tool helps your drawings look professional by adding to the text you draw.

Group components for increased efficiency: Combine existing drawings and blocks into an embedded drawing. You can create hierarchies of components that can be easily changed or deleted.

Add text to shapes and symbols: Edit text on a shape or symbol with the shape and symbol tools. Add text anywhere a shape or symbol is inserted. With the new text tool, you can edit text that is already inserted.

The new RIBBON tool enables users to share and collaborate easily. Combine RIBBONs into an embedded drawing. Share RIBBONs with others on your network and easily track changes as they happen.

New Text controls:

Text search and Replace: Search and replace text by name or position.

Text Extraction: Extract words from text, and use the text results to create symbols.

Text Editing: Add letters, words, and numbers to your drawings. Add punctuation to text and quickly edit text.

Text Gradient: Apply a gradient to the color of the text or to a symbol’s text color.

Text Alignment: Align text by axis, on a layer or in a drawing. Add alignment marks, and use the text to align an entire group of objects.

Command Properties:

Create and edit multiple custom properties. Use custom properties to capture and manage settings and data in a drawing.

Create a custom property that stores text, numbers, colors, or shapes. Use custom properties to manage and control multiple parameters in a drawing.

Custom property sets can be used with parameters in an attribute table. Changes made to the custom property directly affect the parameter.

Save time with document templates: Create reusable templates that include custom properties and parameters. You can access the templates by right-clicking on a drawing or on the Document Template tab in the Properties palette.

Export and import custom properties, parameters, and custom property sets: The new Custom Properties tab in the Properties palette allows you to export and import custom properties. Export creates a.cpt file that

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit

Processor: Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, AMD Athlon 64/Opteron
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible video card with 1 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 15 GB available space
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