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Big data and the need for big engineering


by Sasha Osipova

Engineers must know a few more things to be able to answer big data science questions today.

By Sasha Osipova

The concept of big data is not as new as many may think – it dates back to the 1950s. Big data is more than just the collection of data. Data is acquired from a variety of sources. Big data is when this acquired data is converted into information, which can be useful for a wide range of purposes. For instance, some experts suggest that by the end of the year, the total amount of data collected worldwide will reach 10 billion.

So then, what does all of this big data mean to an engineer? The most straightforward answer is that engineers will need to build better algorithms and use big data to do their jobs better.

A few things that stand out:

Modelling: Engineers already have a variety of modelling tools at their disposal. These tools range from the simple to the very complex. However, these models can become extremely inefficient when they are applied to certain situations. So, the next time an engineer finds themselves in the situation of analysing massive quantities of data, they should also think about the fact that some tools can prove themselves to be inefficient. When this happens, the engineers should look into alternative modelling techniques, such as Bayesian inference.

Data Visualisation: Engineers are used to visualising data. In fact, even with the most complex models, this is often a necessity. And that is why visualisation is of great importance in the world of big data. There is a massive amount of data available to the public. In fact, the amount of data available is so large that humans may not be able to grasp the scale. Consequently, engineers need to ensure that the data that is generated is stored in the right way for the engineers to use it later. In addition, engineers must also make sure that the data is presented in a way that is intuitive and easy for a human to grasp. So they can better make decisions.

Control: Modelling is certainly important, but what about in terms of control? For engineers, this is where big

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How to make an arbitrary type as a vector of another type

If I have the following type:
struct Bob
int y = 0;
int z = 0;
int a = 0;

I would like to make a vector of Bob, so that I can perform operations on all of its fields.
I saw the following question:
Is it possible to make a vector of any type?
But it was in a situation where the answer was obvious, because the underlying type was a built-in type.
I saw another question about creating a vector of a type defined in a namespace:
std::vector of a static class member
But, I can’t figure out how to make a vector of a user-defined class (or any type that is not a built-in type) with getters/setters, etc.
How to accomplish this?
I should also clarify that I can’t just make a vector of an existing type (vector v), I have to make the vector of a type defined in my own namespace.


Since you need to make a vector of Bob, you need to make it a vector of Bob, which means Bob must have member variables, and it must be a complete type. The correct way to do this is with:
class Bob
int y = 0;
int z = 0;
int a = 0;

Bob() = default;
Bob(int y, int z, int a)
this->y = y;
this->z = z;
this->a = a;

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